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President Trump “Blesses” Private Solution to Build the Wall As Government Reopens



WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–President Trump offered his “blessing” to a private solution to build a wall on the southern border before agreeing to temporarily reopen the government on Friday. As reported by the New York Times, President Trump offered his “blessing” to the project launched on GoFundMe by triple-amputee Iraq war veteran Brian Kolfage on a phone call with WeBuildTheWall Inc.’s Kris Kobach.

“Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are not negotiating in good faith and so we’re moving forward to do what career politicians have failed to get done for decades. We are honored to have the President’s blessing.”

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“After three-plus decades we are not convinced Congress will find a viable solution in three weeks,” Kobach said after President Trump announced the deal to reopen the government. “That’s why we are moving forward to secure sections of the border privately and the President has blessed our private approach.”

Officers of WeBuildTheWall, Inc. say that the decision to reopen the government will have no impact on their plans to start building segments of the border wall on private property.

“In our discussions with President Trump on Wednesday it was clear that the President is doing everything he can to honor his signature campaign promise and that includes our private solution,” WeBuildTheWall Inc.’s Founder and President Brian Kolfage said. “Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are not negotiating in good faith and so we’re moving forward to do what career politicians have failed to get done for decades. We are honored to have the President’s blessing.”

More information about WeBuildTheWall Inc. can be found at and Brian Kolfage and Kris Kobach are available for interviews.


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Earth To Beto: Building The Wall Will Save Lives



By News Desk contributor:

President Alpha supports neglected border community with SRO Build the Wall rally:

Earth to Beto, building the wall will save lives on both sides of the border, which is more important than worrying about losing out on millions of illegal votes.

After President Trump boldly announced that he was heading down to the West Texas town of El Paso, to discuss the border wall, Beto O’Rourke wanted to show the world that he could run with the big dogs, but, comparing videos of these rallies, it’s obvious that the President is the alpha.

Despite having the hometown advantage, Beta’s rally looked like one of Hillary’s low energy rallies.

Beto supporters were also seen waving Mexican flags at his rally.

Going toe-to-toe with President Trump on the president’s signature issue was a mistake, even in one of the bluest areas of the country, but that didn’t stop Beta from making verbal gaffes, like when he stated that El Paso is, “one of the safest cities in America; safe, not because of walls, but in spite of walls.”

He then jumped the shark by adding, “Walls do not save lives, walls end lives.”

Although it’s counterintuitive, or at least runs against the corporate media’s narrative, it makes sense that even bluest El Pasoans would support building a wall. The open secret is that the status quo endangers people on both sides of the border and the United States’ social services golden lottery ticket is literally killing many of the people trying to grab it.

According to the GAO’s estimates, illegals and non-citizens make up 3% and 8% of the population, but were arrested, convicted and jailed for 25,064 homicides, from 2003 through 2009, and accounted for about a quarter of these crimes, so they’re likely to commit murder at about 10 times the rate of all U.S. inhabitants.

This doesn’t include the kidnappings, DUI fatalities, sexual assaults, burglaries, other assaults, and unsolved crimes; all of which they commit by the thousands every year, including thousands of these offenses committed by illegals with previous criminal convictions (per the June 2015 Senate Judiciary Committee letter).

These crimes harm everyone, including within immigrant enclaves, throughout the country, so most immigrants don’t want the drugs and crime that’s driven by our porous border. Plus, they also can see that continuing the immigration problem is driving down their new quality of life.

Thanks to the medial migrants, looking for free healthcare, we’re also seeing major outbreaks of diseases effectively eradicated years ago, in the U.S., like tuberculosis, measles and polio, just to name a few. Americans, especially children, are catching these diseases every single day and this totally avoidable healthcare crisis is only getting worse. Their unpaid bills have put many hospitals out of business, placing further pressure on American citizens.

Open borders creates a turf war that’s held Mexico, and other parts of Latin America, hostage to very dangerous drug cartels and turned their countries into war zones, while the human trafficking coyote gangs are literally raping their clients.

Beta should be smart enough to know that even his base has had enough of the open borders status quo, but he, and the political elites, may have dangerously believed their own propaganda. It seems like their game plan is to continue the uncontrolled migration, from failed socialist countries, and get as many of those people to vote for the same socialist policies that destroyed the immigrants’ homelands.

President Alpha took a calculated risk and showed the rest of the country that even the border communities understand the real costs of open borders. Financially, as well as to protect our quality of life, the wall is a bargain.

Support We Build the Wall by going to

About Brian Kolfage & We Build the Wall, Inc.

Brian Kolfage has a history of standing tall for the USA. He answered the call of duty, which took him to Iraq. He returned with a Purple Heart Award but lost three limbs in the process.

He is a loving father and husband who is deeply invested in this nation. He is the grandson of immigrants, who immigrated to America legally and helped instill a true love for our nation.

The triple amputee veteran’s resolve is stronger than ever and he’s fighting an even more urgent war at home. Brian decided that the open borders insanity must end and, knowing that our politicians will not do their job, he knew that his next calling was uniting Americans to rise up to the challenge of securing the border, for our family’s futures, by building the wall.

As the Executive Director of We Build the Wall, Brian works tirelessly with the press and media promoting the benefits of securing our southern border.

We Build the Wall’s task is to preserve the same opportunities, which previous American generations enjoyed, for our posterity, by uniting Americans and protecting our southern border.

The open borders insanity is tearing our country apart. Far too many Americans have been negatively impacted by this crisis, from numerous murders and rapes, at the hands of illegal aliens, to suppressing the wages of our most vulnerable and punishing the United States taxpayers, through abuse of our immigration system and social safety net.

Since the politicians continue to promote this lawlessness, it’s up to Americans to help out and pitch in, to get this project rolling. Just funding and building a portion of the security wall, at the most urgent locations, will jumpstart things and a further benefit of saving taxpayers billions, by showing the Government that their proposed $33M/mile of fence is too costly. We are highly confident that we can complete significant segments of the wall in less time, and for far less money per mile, than the federal government, while meeting or exceeding all required regulatory, engineering, and environmental specifications, saving lives and money, which should be used for education, veterans, and other needs.

Like most Americans, Brian Kolfage knows that the porous southern border is a national security threat and he refuses to allow our broken political system to leave our country and families vulnerable to attack, so, to show the government how “We the People” can do this, he formed a Section 501(c)(4) non-profit Florida Corporation named “We Build the Wall, Inc.” to receive the GoFundMe contributions. For further information, please go to

This won’t be easy, but the plan of action was simple and straightforward, to raise money to construct a wall on our southern border. We Build the Wall raised over $20 Million from over 325,000 donors and is are only just getting started!

We Build the Wall is 100% committed to secure our southern border and protect Americans. Please share this every single day, in public and on social media.


100% of the funds raised on GoFundMe will be used in the execution of this mission and purpose. To honor the commitment, Brian made to their donors; all funds raised, less the processing fees and refunds, will be transferred to a special purpose account to carry out the purposes and mission of We Build the Wall, Inc. Brian will personally not take a penny of compensation from these donations.


WeBuildTheWall, Inc.

PO Box 131567 Houston, Texas 77219-1567

God Bless

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