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Brian Kolfage: Should Be Able To Break Ground On Border Wall In ‘Couple of Months’



Via Breitbart News:

“Brian Kolfage, the Air Force triple amputee veteran who founded a non-profit organization to build the wall at the southern United States border with private donations, said he expects to break ground in the next couple of months.

Kolfage told Breitbart News in an exclusive phone interview on Thursday, “We’re moving forward with the wall. I’ve got some land owners who are ready to rock and roll, and want us to start slapping up some wall.”

“We should be able to break ground in the next couple of months, we hope, according to our experts,” he said.

Kolfage founded We Build The Wall, Inc. earlier this month, after raising more than $21 million dollars on GoFundMe.

The group plans to build the wall by working with individual private land owners who welcome a wall on their properties, and with local construction companies who can build it.

Kolfage said their wall will supplement President Trump’s plan to build a physical barrier along 238 miles of the border in strategic locations.

“That’s not a lot, so we’re going to match what they’re doing, and we’re going to build another 238 miles,” he said. “We’re going to work alongside them and get the other part done.”

Kolfage said the government is currently paying $18 or $19 million for every mile of bollard steel fencing. He said he thinks it can be done privately for less than $3 million per mile.

He said his group’s construction committee will build the wall according to the government’s request for proposal (RFP), so that their wall will meet its specifications.

He said once they finalize the wall plan, they will hire local construction firms to build the wall. Some companies are willing to build the wall for free, except for the labor costs, he said.

“We’ll be employing American companies to do the whole thing,” he said.

Kolfage said they have been keeping the White House informed of their work through one of their board members, former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Kobach told the New York Times last week that the president has personally blessed the effort.

Asked what materials they are considering using for the wall, Kolfage said, “We’re looking at every option, but we’re also going to do whatever the border patrol wants … whatever works for them.”

”We don’t want to be slapping up a wall and have it be mismatched,” he said. “What we’ve been learning is that … what’s needed in one area could be different from what’s needed in the next area.”

“If there’s a region with more tunneling going on, there might be technology for anti-tunneling detection.”

Kolfage said a visit to the border in Texas over the last week has reaffirmed his mission to build the wall. “We saw like 40 people come across the border,” he said. “Uncontested, just strolling into the country.”

He said he also got intelligence briefings on the drug cartels in the area. “Their primary focus is human smuggling.”

He said the drug cartels will smuggle people across the border for as much as $15,000, and if they are not repaid, they threaten to kill their families.

“It’s an endless cycle and having these open borders is funding these cartels, whether people want to believe it or not,” he said. “It’s not about them being refugees — it’s a criminal enterprise and our policies are enabling it.”

He said he also met with “Angel Parents,” such as Mary Ann Mendoza, whose children were killed by illegal immigrants.

“That solifies why we are doing this, and why we’re taking this action to at least show our nation that we can start building the wall,” he said.

“When you’re face-to-face, and they’re describing how an illegal alien killed their son, and hearing that tragic story about how they got a call in the middle of the night about their son’s death. How could any American just ignore what’s going on?”

Kolfage said he has been working non-stop since his GoFundMe campaign went viral.

“Twelve hours a day — I mean, I don’t think I’ve had a day off. Our whole team is the same thing — we’re just go, go, go. We need to get it done and get things moving, and show the American people that we can do this.”

“We’re just going completely fast and furious on this, and busting our butts because that’s what we need to do, and I think that government should be doing the exact same thing.””

This is IMPORTANT. If you donated before January 11th and you want your contribution to go towards CONSTRUCTION of the WALL, you need to tell GoFundMe by clicking the link below:


Anyone who donated before January 11th has 90 days to tell GoFundMe to use their contribution to build the wall.

If you donated after January 11th, you don’t have to do anything.

To donate to Kolfage’s wall fund, go to the official GoFundMe account HERE

We Build the Wall, Inc.
PO Box 131567 Houston, Texas 77219-1567

The official wall fundraiser & construction site is at
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EMBRACING EVIL: Mexican president stands by ‘hugs not bullets’ strategy with cartel monsters after family massacre




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Mexico’s president stood defiant Wednesday amid mounting criticism of his government’s policy of using “hugs, not bullets” when fighting drug cartels after nine Americans – including six children – were gunned down by sicarios on Monday.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador brushed off criticisms against his government’s position and reiterated Wednesday during his daily media briefing that violence was not the answer or appropriate response to the growing deaths at the hands of cartels.

“It was lamentable, painful because children died, but do we want to resolve the problem the same way (as previous administrations)? By declaring war?” he asked. “That, in the case of our country, showed that it does not work. That was a failure. It caused more violence.”

“We are carrying out a different policy because the policy that was applied during 36 years was a resounding failure and it caused a lot of damage, a lot of sadness, a lot of deaths, a lot of losses for Mexicans,” he added. “We will not continue with the same and we will show that our proposal works, despite it not being easy. We are confident that we will achieve good results.”

His comments came two days after nine Americans – three women and six children – were gunned down by cartel members in an ambush in the northern state of Sonora. Officials have said they believe the gunmen may have mistaken the group’s large SUVs for those of a rival gang amid a vicious turf war.

Eight young children – including an 8-month-old baby – survived the attack by hiding in the brush and even though they were wounded, some walked miles to get help.

All the victims are believed to be members of the extended LeBaron family, who live in a religious community in La Mora, northern Mexico, a decades-old settlement in Sonora state founded as part of an offshoot of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints around 70 miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Mexican officials announced late Tuesday that a suspect was arrested near the Arizona-Mexico border in connection to the deaths. The suspect was holding two hostages who were bound and gagged inside a vehicle, which was bulletproof and contained four assault-type rifles, officials said.

The brazen daytime attack on Monday reignited questions regarding whether Lopez Obrador’s “hugs, not bullets” security policy of not engaging deadly drug cartels with violence was actually working.

Since taking office in December, Mexico is on track to record more than 32,000 murders this year. In the last month alone, the country has been plagued by at least three deadly high-profile attacks – including Monday’s – at the hands of cartel members.

The front page of Mexico’s Reforma newspaper led the criticism against Lopez Obrador, saying his government “washed its hands … and rejected help.” This was in reference to the Mexican leader rejecting President Trump’s offer for help from the U.S. military in engaging drug cartels.

Meanwhile, El Universal ran an editorial saying that the daylight attack between Chihuahua and Sonora “confirms that the (government’s) security strategy requires an urgent revision to correct the errors or to adopt a new direction.”

“Almost nothing has changed in respect to what has happened in the last decades in the country,” it said. “Minatitlan, Coatzacoalcos, Uruapan, Aguililla, Teopchica, Culiacan, Bavispe … all of the places are references to the bloody incidents registered this year.”

“Conciliatory messages and calls to criminals do not seem to be enough; because of the events, it should be noted that they do not seem to fear the force of the State. Exploring other options sounds obligatory.”

The president used the catchy phrase “hugs not bullets” – or “abrazos, no balazos” in Spanish – in his promise to clear out violent drug cartels, not by waging war, but instead changing communities by tackling what he said is at the root of the problem: extreme poverty.

On Wednesday, Lopez Obrador said he would not sway from his position, saying that “violence cannot be confronted with violence.”

“The bad cannot be confronted with the bad. The bad needs to be confronted doing the good,” he added. “We believe that the most important (thing) is life, protecting the lives of everyone; the lives of the military, the lives of the presumed delinquents, and the lives of civilians.”

via Fox News

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We Build the Wall, Inc.
PO Box 131567 Houston, Texas 77219-1567

The official wall fundraiser & construction site is at
Follow Brian Kolfage on Twitter HERE
Like his verified Facebook page HERE

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